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&& Starrs Fall Down ♥

♥ Out Of The Skyys ♥

Alternative Girl
4 August
& About The Punk
First Name: Jayda
Middle Name: Elizabeth
Nicknames Are: Jay, Twizzler
Birthday: August 4th
Eyes: Brown with Green specks
Hair: Dark Brown with Blonde and Black highlights

& The Punks Likes
LOST. William Mosely. Pat Benatar.
Def Leppard. Depece Mode. Oingo Boingo.
Pretty In Pink. Batman.
House. 24. Jamie Bell. Music.
Baseball. Hockey. Football. Superbowl.
My Friends. Peanut Butter. Rain.
Converse. Skulls. Hot Topic. BLACK.

& The Punks Dislikes
Paris Hilton. Milk. Nicole Richie. Hilary Duff.